Khloé Kardashian to produce new TV show “Twisted Love”


Television personality and business woman Khloé Kardashian is making big moves for 2019! The KUWTK star will be the Executive Producer for the show, Twisted Love; which is a new 6 part series coming to Investigation Discovery in 2020.

According to People magazine, the show will explore “what happens when love and affection spiral into a twisted web of extreme obsession and jealousy,”.

The media mogul announced the news on her Instagram Story Wednesday. Ms. Kardashian couldn’t help but laugh at her latest project’s title given her own complicated romantic history.

“My TV show titles are very ironic LOL,” she wrote. Still, she clarified it was just a coincidence, adding: “These titles and TV shows have been in the works for years. Twisted Sisters has been on air and is going into its second season.”

We can’t wait to see the reveal. Congratulations Khloé!

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By: Tiffany Langhorne