Latto’s Partners with Icon Swim to Create Core Collection


Atlanta rapper Latto recently partnered with Icon Swim to create the Core Collection, a swimwear collection that the rapper claims to be “the cheat code” to the ideal beach body.

The swimwear brand has partnered with other celebrities, such as City girls, creating lines that embodies their presence. Latto’s line is no different, for the “The Biggest” rapper the company wanted to highlight her personal style and strong attitude in the collection.

“Latto’s personality makes her an equally. Unique artist to work with,” Icon Swim tells Vibe. “Her variety of savagery and dignity, combined with her arduous journey to the top, inspired the designers at Icon Swim. To use powerful symbols of nature and rebirth in their concepts, such as volcanoes and fire. Our company has been in business since 2015, and we focus on providing affordable quality. We design and manufacture all of our own pieces.”

Latto’s core collections designs are composed of various fabrics and textures. The collection also features numerous designs, such as cutouts, high-waisted thongs and open backs. Latto even shares her favorite piece from the collection.

“My favorite piece of the collection so far is the Asana dress,” she tells Vibe. “I feel like it hugs the body gives you curvature. You know everybody wanna look like they hourglass built, so I feel like it’s the cheat code to lookin’ like snatched[ed].”

The core collection by Latto x Icon Swim is available for purchase on Aug 13.