#LetsTalk: BlasianBabyLola Talks Crows For Queens, New Single, and Instagram Virtual Tour


BlasianBabyLola, originally born Lola Ann Clark, is a 17-year-old artist, actress, model, and YouTuber who went viral about 4 years ago for her intriguing and relatable content. Her internet presence has created a space for her to share her talents with her interactive fans from TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and so much more.

Before the fame Lola signed her first modeling deal at the age of three, appeared in commercials for Five Below and Bose headphones, and made the viral “How To : Make A Fake Belly Piercing” video on her Youtube channel back in 2016. 

Now at 201k followers in Instagram, Ms. Lola has released her single “Classy”, which has jump started her music career to new heights.

“Classy is about women empowerment. I feel like its really important that girls are also symbolized as classy,” she said in regards to the message she hopes to spread. “I’m classy! I feel like I can still look cute and not feel like I need to look nasty or grown and stuff like that. So I made that song for the ladies because I feel like, yes we do have a classy side.”

This new single will be accompanied with a virtual concert where she will debut some more songs. This virtual tour will have other independent artists involved by going on Instagram Live. The live experience will happen soon, hopefully before the end of 2020!

As a lover of music, it is common to pull your inspiration from other artists in the industry as well. In this season of women empowerment and female artists killing the game, Lola made her own lane by creating Crowns For Queens mentorship program in her high school.

“Basically that is a women’s empowerment club and what we do is we do things in the school. We go other schools as well to mentor kids and we basically talk to them and set them up for the future. We do hygiene tutorials, how to become more independent, get ready for college, because it is really important. This generation is really crazy right now so to have a mentor is amazing for them because we have to teach them, they’re next,” Lola said passionately.

She explained the desires of her heart by continuing, “What made me want to do this is because having followers and stuff like that, people dead look at me different in high school you know? I wasn’t treated the same. Everyone thought that I wasn’t just some regular person but in my opinion I felt like I was just a regular girl who went to school. The social media was just a hobby at first. So I made that [Crowns for Queens] to make people feel like we’re all united, we’re all the same, we’re all human, we all can help each other out rather than bring each other down.”

Watch the full interview below: