L&HH Star Tommie Lee Escapes Prison Time In Child Abuse Case


With luck on her side Tommie Lee has yet again, managed to avoid a lengthy prison sentence in child abuse case. With the possibility of facing up to 54 years, it is said that Lee will not spend a day in prison as long as she stays out of trouble within the next 10 years. With the Love & Hip-Hop Star being recently sentenced after pleading guilty to 5 charges, one including first degree cruelty to children the judge seemed to go pretty easy on Lee. According to TMZ “Tommie’s been ordered to complete a residential recovery program and 12 months of successful aftercare with licensed doctor’s”. 


If it all goes well and the Love & Hip-Hop Star stays out of trouble, she will remain on probation for the remaining of her 10-year sentence, but the questions is can Tommie Lee stay out of trouble? With added on conditions to her probation sentencing it is said that Tommie Lee has a 11 o’clock curfew, she is subjected to random drug and alcohol screening, she’s not allowed to travel outside of the state of Georgia without permission, and the biggest condition of them all. She cannot attend work related events, or promo events where drug or alcohol are present, which may cause some problems for her down the line when filming. All Tommie Lee has to do now is stay out and walk the straight and narrow path.