Lifetime Offers First Glimpse at Upcoming Movie, ‘Highway to Heaven’ starring Jill Scott


Award-wining artist Jill Scott and Barry Watson star in Lifetime’s upcoming original movie Highway to Heaven.

The upcoming film is a reboot of NBC’s drama series originally aired in the 1980s. The original series starred Michael Landon. In Lifetime’s revamp of the iconic series, Scott will play Angela Stewart. Stewart is an angel that returns to earth to help others in need. Angela applies for a “temporary guidance counselor” at a local middle school. She works closely with principal Bruce Banks (Ben Daon) as she aids troubled students in their daily lives.

During Angela’s job interview, she foreshadows the influence her presence will have on the school.

“A few weeks in one place can be enough to change a life- I could start today,” Angela tells Bruce.

During the film, Angela reveals her big secret to those she trusts and offers them guidance. In the new installment of the classic series, lifetime aims to uphold “the same messages of hope and encouragement for it’s audience, while exploring social and emotional issues with sensitivity, joy, and humor.”

Rain Productions and Propagate have produced the first installment of the upcoming film. Along with acting in the film, the three-time Grammy winner also serves as a executive producer for the series.

The film will premiere on Saturday, November 6th. Catch a glimpse of the upcoming film below.