Mariah Carey and Cardi B Talk Hair Care, Life in The Pandemic and More


Five-time Grammy winner Mariah Carey chatted with Cardi B in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. The two talked about Cardi B’s sophomore album, lockdown routines, and haircare. But the conversation took a turn when Cardi B opened up to Carey about getting nervous around other celebrities still.

“A lot of celebrities invite me to places, but I’m really shy,” Cardi said. “We’re doing this over the phone, but if it was in person, I wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes. That’s how nervous I get around celebrities. And sometimes my head starts talking, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I look stupid, I feel stupid, I’m dumb.'”

But Mariah gave her a tip, “We’re all just people, but this business can make certain celebrities into different people. I expect everybody to be real with me.”

Cardi B even admitted in the first five minutes of the interview that she was freaking out and was a little starstruck.

An average day during the pandemic for Cardi B involves waking up at noon with a head full of ideas, calling her team, and resisting the urge to read the blogs but still trying to catch up on the latest.

The conversation quickly shifted to hair problems, and how their childhood influences many of the insecurities.

Cardi B opened up with the root of her hair problems saying “Well, I’m from New York, right? And New York is a melting pot, especially where I grew up in the Bronx. I’m Trini and I’m Dominican, and there’s a lot of Dominicans that look a certain type of way. They have soft, pretty, curly hair. Growing up, guys would ask me weird questions like, ‘If you’re Dominican, why is your hair so nappy?’ I used to dye my hair,  and people used to be like, ‘Oh, your hair’s so crunchy.’ And it would make me feel so weird. I was also really skinny when I was younger, and in the Bronx, it’s about being thick and having an ass, so young boys would be like, ‘Look at your flat ass. You ain’t got no titties.’ And it would make me feel so ugly and undeveloped.”

Cardi B says she now uses her own hair mask to currently treat her hair and how she has learned more as she got older. “My hair was not bad because it was nappy. My hair was bad because I didn’t know how to take care of it.”

When it came time to discuss her upcoming album Cardi B confessed she feels rushed. Carey eased her anxiety about the high expectations saying, “Take your time to make it the best album that you can. That’s what I think everybody wants you to do. I know how it feels when people try to rush you because you’re coming off such a mammoth success.” She continues, “My second album did well, but it wasn’t as big as my first one, so I just kept going and doing different stuff. But people love you, and it’s going to be what it is.”

After the interview, Cardi B took to Twitter to discuss how comfortable Carey made her feel during the conversation, “I know I said a lot of curse word and talk a little too spicy in my Interview with INTERVIEW magazine with Mariah Carey but I can’t help it she made me feel comfortable I didn’t felt like I was doing a robot interview I felt like I was a having a real conversation.”

And once again Carey came to ease her worries saying, “Cardi!!! I loved our conversation! What I didn’t say but should have said is that it’s not just the fact that you’re beautiful on the outside, it is the fact that you are a real person that is also beautiful on the inside. I’m here for it all! You made my day”

In response Cardi B said, “Thank you soo much .This is like a dream to me.I been so fascinated with your story .You are amazing.”

Read their full conversation with Interview Magazine here.