Mariah Carey’s Upcoming Tour Will Be Inspired By Kanye West’s Sunday Service


Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” will be turning 25 this year, and the legendary singer is looking forward to having her first-ever Christmas tour to celebrate. Carey shared what inspired this upcoming tour later this year to TMZ. She recently watched Kanye West’s Sunday Service session and was moved when she heard her 1997 song “All My” was featured. Carey tweeted late September that Kanye’s choir was “killing this arrangement and song!” adding, “I neeeed to speak to whoever put the arrangement together and rewrote the lyrics… Beautiful. Thank you.” She plans on incorporating a choir and arrangements in her upcoming Christmas shows.

Just in time for the holiday season, the singer posted a hilarious video breaking the news featuring a call from Santa. The “All I Want From Christmas” tour will begin in Las Vegas for a week beginning on the last week of November before making stops in New York, Washington, Boston, and other places in December. Mariah Carey also posted a special unreleased video footage from her iconic single, bringing out all of the wistful and holiday cheer.