Masego Hits the Stage at 2020 BET GRAMMY Music Showcase


BET GRAMMY Showcase 2020 was held on Thursday, January 23rd at the City Market Social House. The event was hosted by singer/songwriter Monica, and featured performances by many artist including Virginia’s own Masego.

Born June 8th, 1993, soul-pop YouTube sensation Masego hit the stage performing his hit single “Queen Tings“. Before his performance, JaGurl TV caught up with Masego to get an inside scoop of what we can expect from him in 2020.

Although his father was born and raised in Jamaica, Masego was born in Virginia. “I’m from like Virginia, Atlanta, New York. I come from a military family”. Coming from a military family, Masego mentioned that he never had a scene of ‘community’, until now. “You don’t have much of a community (being in a military family) so now I created a community”, referring to his bands mates, and other musicians that are like minded.

Like many millennials, Masego has a big goal for hisself in the new year, one of which is purchasing a new home. “I made the music, now I’m trying to get me a crib. I feel like you have to start your legacy somewhere, understand equity, and understand that it’s not as hard to get into it as you think.”

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