Michelle Obama Sparks New #PromChallenge to Encourage Student Voters

https://www.instagram.com/p/B8tpxEDgkRF/?igshid=1qfd7z3j7eqpw Michelle Obama/Instagram

Michelle Obama is on a new mission to get more high school students at the voting polls. In her latest Instagram post, the former first lady posted a throwback photo of herself on her prom night back in 1982.

“Throwing it back to my 1982 prom night and this pink satin, polka-dotted dress,” she captioned the photo, accompanied by a picture of her and her date at the time.

 The post then goes on to introduce the #PromChallenge, an initiative to get more students registered to vote. “If you’re a student or teacher, join the #PromChallenge with @WhenWeAllVote and @MTV and tell us what your school is doing to register students to vote.” 

According to CBSNews, the Pro Challenge was created by When We All Vote and MTV with the aim to get more students registered to vote. The program will recognize 20 high schools across the country who are including voter registration into their schools in the most creative and effective ways. Schools can submit an application detailing how they are recruiting voters and winners of the competition will receive up to $5,000 for their schools prom.

To ignite the flame and get the word out, Mrs. Obama has challenged others to post their prom photo with the hashtag #PromChallenge and as expected it didn’t take long for many of her celebrity friends to join in. Check out post from Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross below 

With one of the most crucial Voting seasons ahead, Mrs. Obama is using her connection with the youth to encourage them to get out and vote.