Mya Surprises Fans with a New Music Video


R&B singer Mya recently posted on social media a photo of her in a full wedding gown causing quite a stir in her comments. The Lady Marmalade, GRAMMY winning singer posted a beautiful beach wedding photo of herself minus a groom. Fans were excited to congratulate her on what they believed were her nuptials, but it was not her wedding day at all. Mya filmed a music video for her new single “The Truth” in which she married herself. 

“Thank you for all the beautiful messages & happy V-day. ~ Officially, Mrs. Lansky Wedding link in bio.” is what she wrote on Instagram on Valentines day 2020. The link in her bio led to her new video on YouTube which currently has 11,000 views. “I’m so in love with you just the way you are,” she sings while prepping in a mirror. In the middle of the video, her gown and veil are black, but changes to white as the song continues symbolizing two parties coming together like a bride and groom. 

Mya has had a few public relationships in the past, but there was not any current evidence of a relationship on her social media. Naturally, seeing her in a wedding dress was unexpected for her audience. Mya was born with the last name Harrison. The video was directed by Grand Rapids native Josh Sikkema. She released her eighth studio album TKO in 2018. She has branched into acting and co-starred on VH1 Girls Cruise last summer and still performs live nationally and internationally. 

Check out “The Truth” music video here.