Nicki Minaj says There Should be ‘Less Politics’ and ‘More Talent’ in the Music Industry


During the 2019 “Women in Music” Awards, Nicki Minaj caught up with Billboard magazine to share her thoughts on some interesting topics relating to music. In the most recent months, we have seen the artist take a break from social media and all things toxic. During her acceptance speech for the Game Changer Award, she thanked her fans and acknowledged that “even when you don’t see me on the internet I am still thinking about you and I am still working on ways to impress you guys and make you happy.”

Nicki even shed some light on the reasoning behind her taking a moment for herself after getting married. As a woman who has been in the game for more than 10-years, Nicki Minaj has a plethora of achievements that label her as sucessful but that can seem unimportant when you are unsure of your self-worth.

“I would recommend taking time to yourself to hear yourself think… If you’re an artist, that time that you take alone reflecting , it actually helps everything else you do.” says Nicki. As she is on a spiritual reset we find that we gain more knowledge from her especially after spending many years battling her way to the top.

She gave insight on why she would like to see less politics in the industry. “Recently there been a lot of female rappers emerging. I see that that’s a really positive change is going in a positive direction in that way; but what I would love to see some more of it in the industry is less politics”, Nicki says. “I would love for rappers to be so passionate about rap that you know, we feel it.”

She is proud and embraces new comers in the industry, and advice like this can surly guide them to keep on track while staying true to themselves. Watch the full Billboard interview below.


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