Philadelphia Based, Hip-Hop Artist Mike Brown Talks Breaking Out Into The Industry, New Music and More!


JaGurl TV had the pleasure to sit down Philadelphia based, Hip-Hop artist Mike Brown as we discuss his breakout into the industry, overcoming obstacles and future endeavors!

Mike Brown has been writing and producing his own songs as an independent artist since 2017 but this year he says, he decided to let them go and put them on live for people to hear!

Now, with Mike being an independent artist we wanted to know how important it was for him to get the chance to sign with a major record label. “I feel like a lot of people are skeptical, about record deals but I feel like it depends on the deal.” he continues “I’m definitely not oppose to it.”

Mike has recently dropped two singles, “First Quarter” and “Down” in which he explains the thought process behind both singles. “First Quarter was the one that I had done first, I think that was like a turning point for me because I had let out some songs before, and you start to hear some chatter and people have something to say.” He continues, “From both good, to some not so good, just stuff that comes with this business. That song was just kind of me bottling all that up and putting that behind me.”

The momentum from those words, good and bad fueled Mike’s next single “Down” in which he decided to take a different approach. “I had a clear direction on where I wanted to go with the music and down was kind a song that has more of a triumph sound, it’s more upbeat, it’s more lifting.” he continues, “that was more of like a okay, now that we got that addressed, back to what we do.”

With Mike mentioning that there was a lot of chatter centering his rap career, he also opens up about how as an artist despite the criticism, he remains grounded. “It’s a lot of good, and bad I try to just stay in the middle.” He continues, “I try to just stay in a good head space, I try to meditate.” Both, good and bad for what it’s worth you just try to trust in your process.

Future endeavors for Mike are right around the corner. Mike says he wants to turn this summer up with more music and music videos. Mike even mentions being in the works on branding some things, but it seems like for now fans will just have to be on the lookout for more music and new projects! We’re excited to see what’s next for Mike Brown!