Quincy Brown Describes Beyoncé’s “Flex Park” Swimwear Collection as a “Mood”


Beyoncé partners with Adidas for a highly-anticipated swimwear line, “Flex Park,” set to release at the end of July. According to the press release, Flex Park’s collection embodies and celebrates “confident self-expression and individuality.”

The neon orange collection features binkies, one-pieces, swim trunks, pool slides, tote bags, and hats. Along with a wide of items, the collection also makes in a wide range of sizes, ranging from XS to 4XL.

The campaign for “FLEX PARK” features notable socialites and stars, such as beauty expert Kristen Noel Crawley, plus-size model Tabriz Majors and actor Quincy Brown. Brown recently sat down with Hypebeast to discuss Queen Bey’s upcoming collection.

“IVY PARK makes a statement,” Brown tells Hypebeast. ”I’ve been a strong supporter of Beyoncé and Adidas since I was a kid. Together, they’ve showcased what it means to be unapologetic and uplift all cultures through the expression of fashion.”

Beyoncé and Adidas have strived to create inclusive collections for a range of body sizes and types with their partnership. Brown supports Beyoncé’s efforts to showcases all forms of beauty in her clothing line.

“Fashion is one universal language — which is self-expression — and together as humans, we all just want to be understood,” Brown says. ”It’s important for all of us to be seen and treated equally.”

When asked to describe Queen Bey’s new swimwear line in one word, the actor replied, “mood.”

Beyoncé’s “Flex Park” will release July 23rd.