Rapper Jeezy Launches ‘Sports 99’ Sports Agency


Jeezy is a rap artist and entrepreneur hailing from Atlanta, GA. His latest venture to take place will bring together the world of rap music and sports with a new sports agency called Sports 99.

From rap music in video games, to the LeBron James Beats headphones deal, to rappers like Master P actually playing for a major league basketball team; rap and sports have been intertwined for a long time now. The business of sports agencies has proven to be lucrative. According to moguldom.com, rapper Jay Z and his agency Roc Nation Sports earned 28.9 million in commissions and has been ranked by Forbes as one of the most powerful agencies in the world. 

Jeezy’s agency will represent athletes from both the NFL and the NBA. The NFL has faced criticism in recent years for treatment of its athletes, many of whom are African-American. Hopefully, artists like Jeezy, can change the climate in the favor of athletes by entering the business side of sports.

Sports agents advocate for athletes in salary and contract negotiations, execute endorsement deals, facilitate community outreach & public relations and prepare athletes for careers off the field after retirement. 

We look forward to seeing Jeezy’s agency making a huge impact to the sports industry.