Rihanna Announces the Opening of Savage x Fenty Stores in 2022


Okay ladies the time is almost here, Rihanna is opening stores for her popular lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty. In September, the Fenty team announced that their exclusively online platform will expand to retail stores in 2022. 

“Retail is an important part of our growth strategy. You’ll absolutely see some stores in 2022,” said the co-president and chief marketing and design officer Christiane Pendarvis. She continued by saying “Because fit and comfort are so important, there are just customers who don’t feel comfortable purchasing online.”

Although the brand has been successful online, this strategy gives shoppers offers a different outlet for their experience. Shoppers of all sizes can now go into their closest store to try on the latest edgy styles that enforce body positivity. Rihanna has proved Tina rn time again that she is a powerhouse thats is not to be messed with.

As of right now we don’t have much details on when and where these stores will be opened. As the new year approaches, we will see what tricks Rihanna has up her sleeves.