Rotimi Get’s Up Close and Personal at Sirius XM + Pandora Playback Session


Actor and Singer/Songwriter Rotimi stopped by the Pandora office in Atlanta, Ga on Tuesday, January 7th for his Pandora playback session following the release of his new album The Beauty of Becoming. The interview was moderated by 11Alives Francesca Amiker.

Rotimi has been leading a new era of game changers creating a infusing sound of contemporary R&B with a traditional afrobeat and dancehall mix. In 2019, after announcing his deal with Empire, Rotimi went on the being named Rolling Stones “The 10 Best R&B Songs of 2019” from his single “Love Riddim”.

Rotimi was very humble while opening up in regards to obstacles he’s overcame during this journey through success. In the interview with Amiker, Rotimi was very passionate about believing in his self, and encouraged others to do the same. “Believe in you, or say what you want, completely commit to it, and surround yourself with people who want to bring that dream to life.”

Rotimi even touched on the importance of investments and spending money wisely. “The first thing I did with my money, the first purchase I did was buy myself a house. We don’t talk about real-estate like that. I put that money right back into me. We don’t talk about that enough. So again, do not conform to what you think is cool because somebody else is doing it man, safe your money. If your an artist, invest in yourself.”

Rotimi definitely dropped many gems as people in the audience took plenty of mental notes. His new album The Beauty of Becoming is available now on all streaming platforms.