Sandra Bullock to Star in New Netflix Film


Looks like Sandra Bullock will be back with another Netflix film soon. After a smash hit with the Netflix original film Bird box (which is currently being made into a sequel as a book) that was released in December, CNN Entertainment stated that Bullock has signed on to star for yet another Netflix film called Unforgiven.

Christopher McQuarrie (director and writer of Mission: Impossible) wrote the script for the upcoming film, and Nora Finschedit will direct it. CNN stated that the film will be based on a British three-part series that aired in 2009. It focuses on a women trying to rebuild life from being in prison for 15 years for killing two police officers, but she faces society giving her a hard time.

McQuarrie showcased his excitement for the upcoming film by tweeting out, “This one is near and dear to my heart. I’m honored to know it’s in such good hands”

Unfortunately, a date has not yet been released for the film. Stay tuned to JaGurl TV for more Netflix exclusive news.