Selena Gomez Turns Her Pain Into A Number 1 Hit


Selena Gomez has set a record for herself, holding the number one song on Billboard Hot 100 this week. Her single, “Lose You to Love Me” is currently number one on the charts with 38.8 million US streams. The HOT 100 accounts for US streaming, radio airplay and sales. Her first time on the Hot 100 was in 2009. The single, “Tell Me Something I Dont Know”,  which peaked at number 58 that year. 

“I wrote the song over a year ago and it’s obviously a very emotional song for me, but it’s interesting to see how far I’ve come…and me sharing my story is exactly what I’ve always done because I can’t be inauthentic. I cant pretend that I’m not going through something when it’s obvious that I had been.” states Gomez.

She endured a public break up from pop star Justin Bieber, who recently married Hailey Baldwin. The two have dated on and off since 2012. Selena says, “we grew up together”. In the new song she sings, “In two months you replaced us, like it was easy”. 

Billboard notes that the last time a female artist ended the wait for a number one was 30 years ago when Bette Midler ended a 16 year wait from her first Billboard hit to her first number one.

Fans of Gomez can expect a new album soon to put an end to the four year gap between projects. Her last album ‘Revival’ was released in 2015.