Selena: The Series is coming to Netflix


We’ve seen a movie about the late Selena (singer), that starred the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, but now there is a series about Selena’s life set to be aired on Netflix. That’s right! The world is going to get more looks into this Texas-born singer’s life, and we know the Selena fans are screaming for excitement. 

The plot of the series, which will have six 1-hour episodes, is following Selena Quintanilla in her early life as her dreams are coming true. She is faced with making life-changing choices with her family as they navigate through success, family, and music. 

It is being produced by the company Campanario Entertainment, and one of the producers is Selena’s little sister Suzette Quintanilla.

The show definitely has an all-star cast! You may have seen these people on a few well known TV Series or movies. Christian Serratos (Twilight, The Walking Dead) will be playing the infamous Selena Quintanilla. Gabriel Chavarria (The Purge) will be playing A.B. Quintanilla. Ricardo Chavira (Scandal) will be playing Abraham Quintanilla. Noemi Gonzalez (The Young and The Restless) will be playing Suzette Quintanilla. Seidy Lopez will be playing Marcella Quintanilla, and Madison Taylor Baez will be playing the younger Selena.

There has not been a set date for the show’s release on Netflix, but don’t worry Selena fans you will definitely get the series! Long live Selena.