Stacey Abrams to Produce New CBS Series


New television shows are being released left and right, and the world is definitely not complaining!  According to Black Enterprise Stacey Abrams, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, has appeared to have gone to Hollywood to fill the position as Executive Producer for a new television show being produced on the network CBS. 

The show is set to be drama based, the plot coming from a novel written in 2004 named Never Tell. The novel being about aninvestigating criminal psychologist. 

Abram discussed at a Women of Power Summit that writing fictional works was one of her biggest interest, and she even has a series of eight crime novels. 

Cited from Abram, after signing with UTA a release statement that she has partnered with the talent agency, it has stated “on projects that will further my work and reflect my passions. As Hollywood of the South, Georgia’s film and entertainment industry is a central part of our economy and culture. This partnership will allow me to provide my perspective as a Georgian, a politician, and an entrepreneur while working on projects in a vibrant and thriving Georgia industry” 

Be on the lookout for Abrams new CBS series coming out. Who knows what all she has in store for the world!