T.I. Encourages Youth to Vote ‘Voting is the Key to Change’


With the upcoming Presidential election quickly approaching in November of 2020, we have seen a lot of celebrities and influencers speak out about the importance of casting your vote. The goal is to influence the youth that their vote matters no matter the outcome of the election. One person who has been a major influence in this change is rapper and entrepreneur, T.I.

He recently teamed up with BET to launch their social impact campaign, #ReclaimYourVote. JaGurl TV recently reported how the artist is using #ReclaimYourVote campaign in creative ways to develop the youth’s participation in our country’s democracy. JaGurl TV caught up with T.I. and his beautiful daughter, Heiress Harris, on the red carpet at the NAACP Awards to talk the importance of voting.

Before he talked about voting he was sure to express how important an event like NAACP Awards is for our culture. “With so much that has been done and so much that has been happening with us being snubbed or not acknowledged by other award shows and ceremonies, it crazy to be here on a night to not look to anyone else to validate us but to be validated by our true peers and our people.” The NAACP Image Awards is not only a ceremony for celebrities to walk the red carpet but also a space where we celebrate black excellence in television, film, and other forms of media. On top of that, the awards takes place in February which puts a nice final touch on black history month.

“Voting I think is the key to change.” T.I. continued on the topic of black excellence. “I think you have to go out there and find the candidate that speaks to the need of your community, of your generation, and you have to support them with your time, effort, and energy and actually getting out there to vote.”

In such a crucial time in our country it is great having a man like T.I. who have a major platform show us the need to reclaim our voting rights. We worked so hard as a nation to get to this point and the progression is going to lead to a great outcome.