Tabitha Brown Will Be Releasing a Cookbook and Inspirational Book this Fall


Viral Vegan influencer and inspirational TikToker Tabitha Brown will be releasing new recipes and more uplifting words this fall as she debuts her tell-all book, Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business), and a cookbook that will follow.

The North Carolina native has become popular for sharing her plant-based recipes online while encouraging her supporters to eat healthily and treat themselves right emotionally and mentally.

Brown told PEOPLE, “Sharing that with the world in my book is such a blessing,” she told the magazine, “and my hope is that readers will take the same feeling away after reading it.”

The inspirational book will talk about her story, veganism, and self-care with a twist of humor that her fans adore her for. She will also have advice for her readers, as she encourages them to live their truth.

In a statement, Cassie Jones, VP/executive editor at William Morrow and editorial director for William Morrow Cookbooks said “Through her warm and personal videos, Tabitha has been a source of inspiration and happiness for millions of people,” she continues, “We are thrilled to have a part in spreading her positive message to the world through her books.”

Her inspirational book will be released on Sept. 28 and will be published by William Morrow, and her cookbook will be released shortly after.