The Beyonce Effect


After three long awaited years, Beyonce’s sixth studio album, Lemonade, is finally available on all major streaming services. While the GRAMMY award winning album was formerly twelve tracks and a Tidal exclusive, the streaming version contains an original demo of the track, Sorry. It can now be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

It’s been a year since Queen Bey’s life-altering Coachella performance, but we are still experiencing it. With the release of her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, viewers were able to watch behind the scenes footage leading up to the festival as well as segments of her performance. But don’t think it stops there, because Beyonce also dropped Homecoming: The Live Album which includes 40 live recorded tracks from her Coachella performance, as well as a new song and cookout anthem, Before I Let Go.

Her surprise new track has birthed the #Beforeiletgo challenge of fans dancing to the steps her voice instructs towards the end of the track. The popularity of the challenge has led to Beyonce utilizing her Instagram story for the first time, where videos of fans slaying the challenge can be viewed.

By: Desjah Altvater