Tiger Woods Inducted into the World of Golf Hall of Fame


Tiger woods was inducted to the World Golf Hall of Fame at the age of 46 , started his career in golf at the age of 16 . His parents believed in him and took out a second mortgage that allowed him to play the junior circuit in California. This moment was very special to Woods as his 14 year old daughter, Sam Woods, gave a heart felt speech that brought Woods to tears. ”Dad, I inducted you into the Dad Hall of Fame a long time ago, but today, I am so proud to present my dad, Tiger Woods, into the World Golf Hall of Fame.”

When Woods got the opportunity to give his speech he did not speak on his 82 victories on the PGA Tour , his 15 majors, or the eight surgeries he has had. He spoke about the his parents that have taught him a lot of lessens that have helped him through out his legendary career and in life.

“If you don’t go out there and put in the work, you don’t go out and put in the effort, one, you’re not going to get the results,” Woods said. Words that his parents uses to inspire him. He con, ”But two, and more importantly, you don’t deserve it. You need to earn it. So that defined my upbringing. That defined my career.”

Congratulations to the legendary Tiger Woods on this milestone accomplishment.