Tommie Lee Confirms Why She Left Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


It has been confirmed that ‘Love and Hip Hop’ will be losing the beloved cast member Tommie Lee. People have been buzzing over Lee quitting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and her reason for leaving the popping Atlanta reality show. According to BET, Lee could be saying goodbye to ‘Love and Hip Hop’ possibly because she was miserable, referring to her Instagram post she made addressing to people that, “I’m much happier to not be under that umbrella it was misery and depression there.”

To clarify,  JaGurl TV wanted to get to the bottom, and know the truth behind Lee leaving the show. Our Founder and CEO Ravin Williams (JaGurl Ravin) had the pleasure of speaking with Lee at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards; and she had some positive things to say about the show and cleared up why she decided to leave.

“I have bigger and better opportunities, I love that platform, thank you for putting me on. It’s just time for me to grow and excel and do my own thing. Love and Hip Hop roughly has about 20 cast members and all that, and they just felt like my life was so intriguing that they wanted to focus on me.” said Lee.

It sounds like Ms. Lee could be having her own spin-off show. She is most definitely going to stay busy. The money flow doesn’t stop honey!

“Next is my EP I’m dropping in November, and also I will be gracing the screens very very soon.”

Lee confirmed the name of her new EP will be entitled Truth.

“I thank everybody who supported me from every hiccup that I had along the way and I really appreciate that”

Be on the lookout for Lee’s new EP dropping in November. Watch our full interview with Tommie at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards below.

Do you think Love and Hip Hop will be the same without her? Will you tune in if Tommie was to have her own reality show? Let us know in the comments below!