Tyra Banks is building a theme park named ‘Modelland’!

Tyra Banks arrives at the world premiere of "Life-Size 2" at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Tyra Banks has decided to build her own theme park titled ‘Model land.’  It seems as if the beautiful, America’s Next Top model host never rest! From releasing a book called ‘Perfect is Boring,’ to doing a sequel for the hit Disney movie ‘Life Size,’ this businesswoman has now decided to add a theme park to her list. Entertainment News said that Tyra released the wonderful plans for the theme park in Santa Monica during a press release Tuesday, Feb 5.  The glamorous model is planning to open the theme park this year in a Santa Monica mall in California.

Quoted from Vanity Fair, Tyra said to WWD “It’s my call to bring modeling to its masses,” she also explained that she has been working on this theme park for 10 years. This beauty never rests! Vanity Fair also explains that since the releasing of America’s Next Model, Tyra has found a horde of Banksian ways to broaden her empire. So what do you think of the model’s big attraction that’s coming? Do you think it will make you feel like America’s Next Top Model?

By: Ry’n Good