Uber Takes the Next Steps to Ensure Ride Share Safety


The ride sharing service, Uber, has been a right of passage for many people on the go. Whether you need a ride to the airport, a friends house, or just don’t like driving at all, there has been many times Uber has come in handy while traveling. All though there are competitors like Lyft who share the same ride sharing services, Uber is the number one service in the United States with nearly 4 million Uber trips taken per day. According to Uber, “There are around 46 rides per second. 99.9% of those trips are without any reported safety issue.” These numbers are great odds but in times of human trafficking, kidnapping and rape at an all time high, that 0.1% can be detrimental. Uber has issued a safety press release to the public about some changes they are making to their services to ensure everyone’s safety. 

  1. They have now added an “Emergency Button” that will connect you directly to 911 with a simple tap. If you are in an emergency situation you can inconspicuously call for help and have your location tracked through the app.
  1. They added “Ride Check” technology. If unexpected/too long stops are made then you can be contacted by Uber to ensure safety. This tool can also track possible accidents and guide you on ways to receive the proper help.
  1. Uber is now delegating thorough Background checks, ongoing screenings, and driver safety training as a part of mandatory protocol for anyone looking to be a driver. 

In this press release they also mention, “As the largest ride sharing platform, we believe we have the largest responsibility. That is why our ultimate mission is to share UBer’s safety technology and knowledge, so that every trip is safer.” All though perfection is not possible, the company holds themselves accountable for the 0.1% of rides that do not go right and these are the initial steps to make everyone feel safe when traveling.