Ukonwa Oja Teaches Moving with Courage at International Leadership Summit


Bishop TD Jakes hosted his inaugural International Leadership Summit (ILS) this past weekend. Many yearning to grow their brands and businesses gathered at the Charlotte Covention Center to hear from a plethora of speakers. Ukonwa Ojo; an award-winning marketing beast, spoke during the Brand-Building Basics breakout session. She spoke alongside the CEO of Hip Hop and Black Culture outlet REVOLT, Detavio Samuels and moderated by Lincoln Stephens, Co-Founder of The Marcus Graham Project.

Ukonwa Ojo is the Chief Marketing Officer at Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Studios. Her work has won three Golden Globes, two Oscars and earned twenty Emmy nominations. She spoke exclusively with JaGurl TV about “commas”  (the next chapters in your life) and how to navigate them, “If you believe you’re moving on the right path, even if its scary, if you have courage you can go with great confidence knowing that [God’s] got your back and he’s going to see you through. You don’t have to be afraid because whoever put you on that path is going to make sure you stay on it.” She concluded with a lesson that “the most important thing is the validation that is the right direction, but once you get that validation then move with courage.”  

JaGurl TV inquired about Amazon’s recent collaboration with Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM). Okonwa shared her thoughts, “I’m really excited about getting all the MGM content on the service so that when you fire it up on the weekend and had a really long week you have more things that are available to watch.” With Amazon’s open platform, customers will be able to link into more of MGM’s channels of content. 

Next year’s summit will take place in Orlando Florida. Early Registration ends April 5th. Get your tickets today to experience a life-changing experience.