Venus Williams Reveals Sunscreen Line For Women of Color


Venus Williams is known on the court for being one of the best tennis players of all time. Off the court, she has recently launched a new line of sunscreen products with Credo Beauty, which is specifically targeting women of color.

In an interview with Allure, Williams discussed how she fell in love with skincare products from early on and the importance of protecting your skin. “When I was younger, I was wild and too free, and I took it for granted that I had great skin,” she claims. “But that is not the case now. I am covered from head to toe when I’m outside: long sleeves, long pants, and sunscreen. I try to protect my skin as much as I can.”

Her brand, EleVen by Venus, which sells active wear clothing, partnered up with Credo Beauty to produce a mineral sunscreen that will “serve up the perfect SPF” according to Credo Beauty’s website. These products will absorb quickly, dry invisibly, and work with all skin tones and skin types. The formula is powered by 25% zinc oxide.

The On-The-Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 leaves a semi-matte finish and is great for everyday activities comes with a $42 price tag. The Unrivaled Sunscreen SPF 35 is valued at $50. It’s silky and provides extra hydration. The formula has a quick-dry effect and can be worn alone, under makeup, or paired with a moisturizer. 

Williams’s goal for her products is to help close the gap for women of color to find effective skincare products that complement their skin. “No matter what skin tone you are, you want your skin to look like your skin, and you don’t want any layers on top,” said Williams.

These products are now on sale online at Let us know your thoughts on the new skincare line!