When Juice and the Lean Collide

Rapper Future has been making it known that he’s been working on something in the studio. But with who. Chicago rapper JUICE WRLD! Future has been tweeting recently that they’ve been cooking up something great! The announcement alone had people ready to hear for more. Last night they released their combined project “WRLD on Drugs”. When listening, expect to hear over the 17 songs some familiar voices such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Young Thug, just to name a few.
Some may not truly understand how important this album means to Juice WRLD. In an interview with Hot 107.9, he expressed how he admired Future and calls him the GOAT! He mentions how Future has had a major influence on him as well. With the two worlds colliding, the album is sure to be a hit!
Kieaundria B.