Will Smith Announces New YouTube Original DocuSeries ‘Best Shape of My Life’

Photo Credit: Westbrook Media for YouTube Originals

Will Smith and YouTube Originals have been working together to create the highly-anticipated six-part unscripted docuseries, “Best Shape of My Life“. They just dropped the trailer for it and it is emotional. During the teaser trailer, Will Smith reveals that he had thoughts of taking his own life. The documentary takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at the emotional journey that Will Smith endured to go from the worst shape of his life back to his blockbuster movie star abs of steel.

Photo Credit: Westbrook Media for YouTube Originals

Watch as Will pushes himself to the limit to overcome his challenges not only physically but mentally and emotionally. The Best Shape of My Life, premieres Monday, November 8th with the first two episodes and then will release episodes daily over a 5-day timespan on Will Smith’s official YouTube Channel.

Watch the trailer here!