Rapper Rod Wave Does a Gas Giveaway in his Hometown


American rapper and singer, Rod Wave, decided to give back to his community this weekend. After the major inflation in food, housing, and most recently gas prices, Americans have agreed things have been getting out of hand. Rod Wave decided enough was enough after seeing many people struggle in his hometown of St. Petersburg. He did the noble things and gave back to those who needed him the most. Crowds waited at Rod Wave’s gas giveaway event at the Sunoco Gas Station on 34th Street S on Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rod Wave’s mother, Charmaine Newsome, helped pump gas and organize volunteers, including Lakewood High football players and staff. She attributed his charity to the kind hearted nature of the son she has always known. “It shows me that he still is humble,” she said. Not only did he fill people’s tanks but also met fans who waited outside for the star. 

Each customer could take up to $50 of gas, or about 12 gallons. By 12:30 p.m., customers had used about $9,000 of the $25,000 tab, he said. Thank God for the kind hearted souls of people like Rod Wave who don’t forget about the people who come before him.