Our Favorite Celebrities Show Us the Key to Fitness at Home


One of the hardest things about the coronavirus is keeping your mind clear and your body centered. It’s easy to get off track but a good way to get back is to exercise. With the recent closing of non-essential buildings, large gyms and fitness classes have been taken away. Thank God for social media! There are a list of celebrities who are finding different ways to stay active while in the house. Here are a few celebrities who have shared their workout routine online:

1.Francia Raisa

Francia acts as our instructor and spends an hour on IGTV doing yoga sculpting on a yoga mat.

2. Yara Shahidi

Yara shows us a typical Saturday morning for her with her fitness inspirations @chocolatemommyluv and @jatiecakecakecakecake

3. Ashley Graham

Ashley showed up to class on Instagram Live with her yoga instructor to show fans the perfect poses to recenter.

4. Sofia Richie

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I wish I was this energetic during quarantine

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Sofia gives us full on Zumba vibes by coming through with good music and a dance cardio workout.

5. Kevin Hart

Kevin uses his at home gym to inspire his fans to get their butt moving! He also promotes good health with his Vita Hustle nutrition line.