Alicia Keys Talks New Book ‘More Myself: A Journey’ with Oprah Winfrey


On Monday March 29, 2020, Alicia Keys had an hour long conversation with Oprah Winfrey on Facebook Live for a virtual Super Soul Sunday. The two ladies talked Covid-19, the GRAMMYS, and Alicia Keys new book More Myself: A Journey.

Like for many people, Covid-19 took Alicia by surprise. Due to the issue of public safety, the two were forced to move the interview online instead of having a live audience at Lincoln Center, as originally planned.

Being in quarantine has changed Alicia Keys routine and it’s something her family is learning to balance. Oprah praised all the moms who are staying at home with their kids during quarantine. Alicia followed up by encouraging people to keep their frequencies high during this difficult time.

Oprah also acknowledged Alicia for her amazing job at the GRAMMYS. “You stepped into one of the hardest moments of our time and you took control and you mastered it. There was such strength and love and control coming from you on the stage in front of millions of people.” Oprah was referring to the world mourning the loss of the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi Bryant during the award show.

Alicia shared that meditation and prayer helped her through the process because she felt things were not working out. “I prayed hard and I wanted to make sure we honored him properly and also acknowledge it properly because it was hours before,” the singer explained. She shared how nervous she was when she performed at the Kobe Bryant memorial. She relaxed when she reminded herself of the purpose for why she performed at the memorial, the Bryant love story.

Alicia Keys opens up in her new book, More Myself: A Journey, that was published on March 31st, 2020. The book is the first book out of Oprah’s new publishing imprint, Flatiron Books. The book gives the reader an insight of Alicia from the beginning of her career until present day. She reflects on her mistakes and uncomfortable moments when being young in her career. Alicia says, “Nobody knows you better than you.” She assures Oprah in the interview that it was not until she met her that she was able to make sense of who she was as a business owner.

Oprah and Alicia continued to talk about all the life lessons that Alicia has learned. They share in depth moments they have shared together over time as they have both progressed in their career. Watch the full video here on Facebook Live.