A New Tribute to Outkast Creates History in Atlanta’s Little Five Points


It is always a joy when we can take art and use that to create a story in public places. Murals give exposure to up and coming artists as well as create a beautiful space for creatives to collaborate and give back to the community. In this case, this moral is to celebrate two of Atlanta’s legends. The mural is a hip-hop tribute to Georgia natives, OutKast. Currently you can be a part of history and view a 30 feet tall black and white mural of rap legends Andre 3000 and Big Boi on the side of street in Little Five Points, GA.

“It’s ATL all the way,” says the artist, a muralist known as JEKS. JEKS is known for his work in the street-art scene and his spray painted murals are a site to see throughout the city. The mural was done by hand in collaboration with the photographer Jonathan Mannion. It’s as lifelike and detailed as being in the same room with the duo. According to AJC, The collaboration for this beautiful piece of art was done with the Outer Space Project, an annual event aimed at beautifying public spaces. The mural has stirred up a lot of buzz which draws in large crowds and even warranted the appearance of artist, actor and activist, Killer Mike.

This is on its way to becoming a major landmark. Just seeing the collaboration it took to pull this off is a great representation of the city.

By: Imani Kerr