Adrienne Bailon Shares How Self-Love Lead to Her 20-Pound Weight Loss


Co-Host of The Real Daytime talk show, Adrienne Bailon, has been known for being an open book when it comes to her life. We have seen Bailon grow up right before our eyes since singing in groups, TLC and The Cheetah Girls. One part of growing up is embracing changes emotionally, spiritually and especially physically. The singer went to her Instagram to show off her new slim figure after making a major lifestyle change. She revealed that through the power of self-love she made the change and ended up dropping 20 pounds.

On May 1, 2020 she shared an intimate post to her 5 million Instagram followers where she revealed her body since the weight loss.

“It’s been a year since I had enough (Have you ever gotten there? Where you’re just tired of complaining about what you don’t like & you’re finally ready to take action & REALLY make changes?) Well, I made the major changes like choosing to eat plant based.”

On The Real, Bailon has openly spoke about her new plant based diet and how discipline is the best form of self love. For me personally this wasn’t just a body makeover. It was also mind, body and soul,” she said during an All Things Adrienne episode. She continued by saying, “Self discipline is sexy!”

Bailon started off with the First 15 process. “You take 5 minutes to pray, five minutes to write, and five minutes to read the word.” This gave her a focus on her goals, intentions and the sacrifice she was willing to make. A great diet accompanied with a fitness plan and a changed mindset can help you reach your goals.