Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe discusses World Cup & more with Jimmy Kimmel


Megan Rapinoe ( Captain of the USA Women’s soccer team ) & Alex Morgan  (Co-Captain of the USA Women’s soccer team ) stopped by Jimmy Kimmel on Friday, July 12 to discuss their victory. They were asked how did they feel about their victory, what was it like winning, and would they consider boycotting?

The two champs came out holding the victory they brought back to America, the World Cup! Jimmy started the interview off by commenting that he was surprised that the World Cup .. isn’t a cup. 

“I know, we were looking forward to drinking out of it but that’s how it comes” Alex stated

“The best thing you can do is maybe hit each other over the head with it I guess” Jimmy joked

They went to discuss that celebrating their victory is kind of fun, kind of not. When asked is it more exhausting to play in the tournament or to celebrate winning the tournament, Alex described that it is emotionally exhausting playing the tournament and when it’s time to celebrate the tournament they’re sleep deprived. Megan went with celebrating the tournament.

The interview then jumped into the conversation that has been heavily discussed lately, equal pay. 

“Is it a situation where you would consider boycotting the next World Cup if this is not remedied properly?” Jimmy asked

“Yea I mean we are working towards that, but I think also our fans and everyone are speaking for us on our behalf” Alex stated

Jimmy also brought up that Trump was planning on inviting them to the White House, getting a small head nod “no” from Megan. The talk show host ended the show by trying to prepare Megan & Alex if they ever go to visit the White House by revealing 5,000 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.