Alicia Keys Launches Her Own Beauty Brand With E.L.F


GRAMMY award winning artist, Alicia Keys, had always been an advocate for natural beauty and loving the skin you are in. She has stayed true to this mantra as she goes makeup-free to major events and shares with her fans how she cares of her skin in the most natural way. Knowing this, it was a delight to find out that the singer will be teaming up with the affordable cosmetics company, E.L.F, for a new beauty/skincare line.

E.L.F Cosmetics is an American brand that features bath and skin-care products, mineral-based makeup, professional tools, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses, blushes, bronzers, brushes, and mascara, among others.

This new venture between E.L.F. and Keys is a “lifestyle beauty brand,” according to a statement shared with Allure. “We are beyond thrilled to leverage our strengths to help realize Alicia’s vision, as it not only aligns with our mission to make the best of beauty accessible, but infuses it with an even deeper dimension,” E.L.F.’s chairman and CEO, Tarang Amin, said in the statement. “As a brand builder, I’m excited and very energized about the opportunities for us to reach new audiences in creative ways and to continue to lead in category innovation.”

It has been said that Key’s “perspective on beauty is soulful and timeless.” This makes sense as the brand will offer dermatologist-developed, cruelty-free products that aim to “bring new meaning to beauty by honoring ritual in our daily life and practicing intention in every action.” 

As of right now there are no further details on the brand other than it is set to launch 2021.