Alicia Keys Release ‘Girl On Fire’ Graphic Novel


Music artist Alicia Keys released her first graphic novel based on a personal project in which she is very familiar. She worked on this project for five years which resulted in a graphic novel named “Girl on Fire” based after her fifth studio album and single.

The novel was co-written by Andrew Weiner and illustrated by Brittney Williams. With their help, Keys wants to inspire young women of color to be their best selves. Keys said “When I wrote ‘Girl On Fire,’ I knew I was writing it for that girl in the way back row who needed someone to tell her there’s nothing you can’t do, that nothing is impossible.”

The novel is about a 14 year old girl named Lolo Wright. She lives in New York city and lives her life as a normal girl until one day she discovers she has super powers. When she sees her brother in a dangerous situation, she executed her powers to grant him to safety.

Check out the preview to “Girl on Fire” below: