Ayesha & Steph Curry Talk Race, Love and Children with Essence


Like the rest of the world, Ayesha and Steph Curry have been locked in together, along with their 3 children, for quarantine. So much time together can either be helpful or hurtful to a relationship but the Curry’s ensure us, through an interview with Essence, that they are still on a great path in their life journey together. From children, to current events, and the future of their legacy, the Curry’s sat down with Charli Penn to break it all down.

We’ve been trying to find that middle balance. If it was too much of anything, it wouldn’t be good!” says Steph Curry about what he’s learned about his relationship during quarantine. The couple shared how they each have different approaches to how they handle their day; Ayesha being more planned out while Steph likes to “fly by the seat of his pants.” Although they have different styles, they try to find the balance within each other to create a system that works for them. Steph explains how their strengths are so different and they lean into those traits that help each other grow and to uplift people.

The couple, who are raising three children under the age of 10, have expressed that this is has been interesting time, considering the state of our country right now. Between the pandemic, the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the state of political affairs, there is no way to mask society happenings from inquiring little minds.

“Its disheartening sometimes to have those conversations, but we can be the generation that gets uncomfortable to play our role in making those changes.”

Steph Curry for Essence

The Curry’s, likes many parents, admit to wanting to their their child a better life than the one they had. But they can’t steer away from the fact that some opportunities are not given to everyone simply because of the color of their skin. The Curry’s know how important it is to have these conversations with their children from a young age, in order to help them understand the world as they grow older.

“Growing up we were not able to ask the questions. But now kids are asking the questions and we have to give them the honest answers. No sugar coating it. Thats the first step in change. The children are the future and we can’t carry on the generational baggage.

Ayesha Curry for Essence

Ayesha enjoys and welcomes the shift in parenting styles in today’s age and feels parents, along with their children, can be the start of real change in the future. They have taken their children to protests and marches and continue to give them a hands on experience in the process of change.

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Although the family is busy with their careers, and children, the pair never forget to to their part to help the community. They pride themselves on always making volunteering and community service a priority in their lives.

“One of the best things we can do together is impact our community, says Steph. The couple has always been known for their community efforts and partnerships but as of July 2019, the pair launched their own organization, Eat. Learn. Pray. to help communities, especially in their home town of the Bay Area. Since the start of the pandemic, their assistance has been heavily needed and the family is actually happy their outside lives have calmed down a bit and they can focus on helping others.

When asked about their future, the couple say they always have to make sure they put time into their relationship together so they can continue to be the best versions of themselves. They make sure to keep a strong foundation and give each other grace when needed. They encourage others to continue to work on the foundation of relationships and realize that perfection does not exist.

Thankfully these times have been able to make this family stronger and closer. They continue to be a light in the community and only hope to shine brighter as they grow closer. A word from advice from Ayesha was “Find beauty in chaos and stop to find the little bright spots and you’ll find peace. Those moments are perfection.