B. Simone Manifests Her Way to the Top with Her First Book and Million Dollar Journey


If you have been following B. Simone on Instagram, you would know she created a major goal for herself this year. The goal? Become a millionaire by the time she is 30 years old. With her birthday approaching on April 5th, B. Simone made it a priority to hustle by using all her talents and assets connected to her brand to reach her goal.

The millionaire journey is not an easy one as to reach this goal her net worth or wealth has to equal or exceed one million units of currency. Most people will never see that type of money in their life but B. Simone may have hit her goal early due to the release of her first book “Baby Girl Manifest the Life You Want”.

We were greeted with an emotional B. Simone after selling 1000 copies of her book in one hour. “This million dollars journey is not about me. It’s to show y’all no matter how far you are in your career, no matter how much money you have, keep hustling… keep working! Do not get comfortable. There is always something to do after your success.” She proclaimed. “This book is for y’all, I did not have to make this book.”

She knew she was a millionaire in her heart before she even set out on this journey because of the manifestation techniques she shares in the book. The book is filled with 4 chapters of manifestation workbook pages, blank pages for your own journaling exercises, words of affirmation and even some secret diary entries from the author from 2014-2017. This book provides you with the tools you need to change your mind. 

“Change your mind and change your life! It starts with the mind! I’m the MANIFEST QUEEN anything I want I GET!” she said in an Instagram post. Well, her manifestation techniques must really work because in the matter of 24 hours she quadrupled her sales and had 4000 copies sold worldwide.

This journey has given us an opportunity to see the different sides of B. Simone. She has used different avenues in makeup, beauty, fashion, media, reality TV, and her stomping grounds in comedy to reach her goal. Every time you turn around she is finding new ways to stay relevant and with the trends.

Just this past Saturday on March 28, 2020, she releases of her New “BabyGirl” leggings.

She has transformed from an influencer to a full on business woman. She will not stop using the influence of her 4+ million Instagram subscribers to keep growing and glowing in the entertainment industry.


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