Barack Obama Opens Up About His Love For Michelle


Former President Barack Obama lives a pretty private life for the most part, but one thing he doesn’t mind opening up about is the love he shares for his wife, Michelle.

TheSkimm, is a newsletter that is a digest of news stories intended to be simple and easy to read, and recently President Obama attempts to “skim” his bestselling memoir A Promised Land in under two minutes.

During the interview, Obama covers the pivotal and low points of his entire political career but doesn’t forget to include in those 2 minutes why he appreciates his marriage with Mrs. Obama.

“I give Michelle a lot of credit for understanding that this was core to who I was,” said Obama. “And that I couldn’t give up. She maybe would give me a little credit for the fact that I put family first and that if, at any point, she thought it was too much, I would be willing to give it up.”

Obama also opens up about the challenges in his political career can intertwine with his family, however Michelle continues to hold down the fort.

“I marry this amazing woman from the south side of Chicago named Michelle Obama who’s skeptical about politics but thinks I’m cute enough to put up with me…I became a state legislator,” explained Obama. “In the meantime, I’ve got two gorgeous daughters. Tensions arise in our family because of my political career — doesn’t make me as good of a husband as I probably should be supporting Michelle while she’s taking care of the girls.”

The Obama’s will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary this upcoming October.