Black Owned Company Secures 2.3 Million Dollar Contract to Distribute Protective Masks and PPE Equipment


S.K.B. Robes LLC, is an Atlanta-based, black-owned athletic sponsorship company for the youth and apparel designer. The company has recently transitioned into manufacturing products to combat COVID-19 in a fashionable way. They have pledged to create products like dust masks and infrared thermometers. This pledge has scored the company a $2.3 million contract with New York State government.

As we continue to try and fight COVID-19 as a nation, many business have stepped up to do their part to help flatten the curve. Resources are low (especially after the first round of the virus) but S.K.B. Robes decided it doesn’t have to be that way.

Company CEO and a Georgia State University alumni., Ricky Etienne said, “S.K.B Robes has 4+ years of experience in operation and manufacture of apparels. We would love to convert all our resources to manufacturing products for the COVID-19 pandemic in New York and throughout its entirety.” He continued, “New York is currently suffering the worst coronavirus outbreak in the US. Healthcare personnel needs to protect themselves when caring for patients. Patients with confirmed or possible infection need to wear a facemask while being evaluated. All our packaging will be sterilized before shipping. We want you to spread awareness and stay safe! We customize our services to your specific needs to ensure that our services meet all your needs and provides 100% satisfaction. We provide customized PPE and solutions that best fit NY’s needs.”

All packaging will be sterilized before shipment to ensure the proper care of all customers.