Brian Jordan Jr. Talks Working with Tyler Perry, Filming During COVID-19, and more!


JaGurl TV sat down with Tyler Perry’s Sistas‘ star Brian Jordan Jr. in an exclusive interview.

The hit show broke barriers this past summer, becoming the first show to film its entire first season during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to ensure safety on set, the cast and crew were subjected to daily coronavirus screenings and social distancing was heavily reinforced.

Although filming during quarantine had its challenges, Jordan still views the overall experience as positive, giving a special thanks to Tyler Perry. “It was great to be able to experience the amount of fortitude that Tyler Perry has, the genius that is beyond creativity when it comes to logistics and safety, that was great to experience.”

In the series, Jordan plays Maurice, Sabrina’s (played by Novi Brown ) coworker and friend. At the end of season 1, Maurice is the victim of a hate crime due to his sexuality and ends up hospitalized. Jordan explains how he prepared for this particular scene and how this role taught him more about issues that the LGBT+ community faces. “It was a story that I had not had a direct occurrence or a direct connection to, nothing like that had ever happened to me, or honestly anyone close to me,” Jordan tells Jagurl TV. “I went down this rabbit hole of research, it made me very sad because there is so much crime that happens in the LGBTQIA community that goes unsung.”

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is, what is next for Maurice? Jordan gives us a little insight into what is to be expected from Maurice in season 2. “We get to go into Maurice’s apartment now,” Jordan tells Jagurl. “We learn some things about his past, his past relationships, we really see him operate in his own world.”

Be sure to tune in, the show airs every Wednesday at 9EST on the BET Network.