Cardi B Gives her Secrets to Strong and Healthy Natural Hair


Cardi B has always been vocal about who she is, even after the fame. You can take the girl out of New York, but you cannot take New York out of the girl! Cardi went to her Instagram story to share a few beauty secrets with her 67.7 million IG followers. Fans got a look at the natural remedies she uses for progressing her strong and natural hair.

Natural girls know the struggle when it comes to wash day. It is a long process that can take several hours but can be so rewarding in the end. Cardi is starting her daughter, Kulture, on the healthy hair path from an early age. She made a hair mask for herself and her daughter, which included all natural ingredients like blended up avocado, bananas, Jamaican black castor oil, mayonnaise, raw eggs, argon oil, olive oil and honey. The protein in the mask is designed to help moisturize hair follicles, which can result in your natural curls coming out poppin’!

These type of all natural remedies have been used in black culture for decades. Although you can’t go wrong with a good brand of conditioner, nothing beats making it yourself.

“All the good things you put in your body, you got to put in your hair. Your not going to put soda in your hair because of corse soda is not good for your body so it is definitely not good for your hair,” Cardi said as she showed off her beautiful natural locks.

Cardi admitted that she does not have much of a curl pattern in her hair but her daughter’s hair is full of bouncy coils. This just proves that this remedy can work on all hair types if you are looking to grow strong, healthy and shiny hair.