Ciara Announces The Launch Of Her Beauty Brand


Singer, Ciara has some new content to bring fans but it’s not music.

According to Allure, On Friday, February 12 during an Instagram Live session with Allure editor in chief Michelle Lee, Ciara announced that she’s launching a new beauty brand.

Ciara also revealed that skin care has been very prominent in self-care routine during the pandemic and that she has decided to launch her own skin-care formula.

Ciara shares with Lee that she’s been working with experts to create a product that has personally made a huge difference in her skin, definitely something she can advocate for.

Now, Ciara can only disclose so much information for now, and the name of the brand isn’t one of them but she does share that the beauty line will “speak to all skin types” and pigmentation.

“I’m super thrilled. I’m super proud,” Ciara tells Lee.

Ciara might have spilled some beans on if the skin care routine may expand into something as possible as hair products and makeup in the works, but other than that Ciara seems pretty adamite about keeping the beauty line secrets in a vault until her launch!

Fans will just have to wait for the big reveal!