Ciara Teams Up with Kellogg for a Family Fun Fueled Campaign


Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, Ciara, has teamed up with Kellogg for a family oriented campaign. The popular Rice Krispies Treats is the highlight snack of this campaign which “embodies those small, everyday moments with family that are most important when fostering bigger connections over time.” Rice Krispies Treats and Ciara thought of a way to help families create more moments that matter.

Ciara created a summer themed track called “Treat”. The song encourages togetherness and connection between families, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I am all about family and I love this campaign,” the “Level Up” singer expressed. “I love that we’re kicking off summer, and I think the reality is that the world can never have enough love. The world can never have enough good vibes and good times. And that’s what this campaign is about. It really is about the good times for your families and your friends.”

The campaign also includes an interactive hashtag #ourtreatentry. According to Ciara, people can use the hashtag and “upload their videos of their family fun. And then we’ll make this cool big video that will be created in the end of it. And then if you get real lucky, you can also get a year-round supply of Rice Krispies Treats.”