Citi Bank Announces $1 Billion Plan to End Discriminatory Practices


Citi Bank announces more than a $1 billion plan to decrease America’s racial wealth gap which will span across the next three years.

According to the site, Citi Bank’s Action for Racial Equity “is a comprehensive approach to 1) providing greater access to banking and credit in communities of color, 2) increasing investment in Black-owned businesses, 3) expanding homeownership among Black Americans, and 4) advancing anti-racist practices in the financial services industry.”

“Addressing racism and closing the racial wealth gap is the most critical challenge we face in creating a fair and inclusive society and we know that more of the same won’t do,” said Citi CEO Michael Corbat in a statement. “We are bringing together all the capabilities of our institution—our people, our lines of business, our balance sheet, and our philanthropy—like never before to combat the impact of racism in our economy. This is a moment to stand up and be counted, and Citi is committed to leading the way and investing in communities of color to build wealth and strong financial futures.”

Click here, to find out more about Citigroup’s Racial Equity Plan and ways you can contribute.