#YouGoGurl : Careshia Moore Discusses Her Journey as CEO of Usher’s New Look Foundation


JaGurl TV sat down with Careshia Moore, the CEO of Usher’s Non-profit organization ‘Usher’s New Look Foundation‘ an organization that “transforms the lives of the under-resourced youth through comprehensive programming which develops passion-driven, global leaders from middle school through college.”

Moore has been a part of the organization for 8 years now, starting off as a volunteer for the program. Now, she has made a name for herself as President and CEO! Moore opened up about the passion she has always had for education, “My spark has always been helping young people gain equity, and live out their purpose through education.” She also sheds light on how important it is to identify your passion. “Once you find your purpose, and you identify that and you find an organization that aligns with your personal mission then these things can happen.”

Moore took a moment to let us know the things young people should consider in helping them find their purpose. “What are those things that you absolutely love to do? What is that thing that brings you joy?” “It may not always be your hobby, it may not always be the thing you’re working to do, or getting paid to do at the time”

Speaking of young people finding their purpose, we were also joined by DeniseAnn Shields, who has been apart of the organization for 6 years now. DesniseAnn reels us in on her journey with re connecting with ‘Usher’s New Look’ in 2014 after a brief introduction to the program back in 7th grade “Registered for the academy, interviewed, and I’ve been stuck with the program ever since, she describes how being apart of Usher’s New Look shaped her perspective “Being in Usher’s New Look, taught me the importance of education”

With Elections coming up, the organization didn’t hesitate to get the ball rolling early! Moore tells us just how important it is that youth knows their votes DO count. “It is so important, I believe that if we are developing the future leaders they have to be prepared, they have to be educated. The organization put together a voting registration event ‘I Can’t But You Can‘ and we gain insight on that “It’s helping to empower our youth so that their educated on the voting process and they can go share that with the adults in their lives, who can”

It was great talking to both ladies, and learning their journey’s to success. We hope to continue to see Usher’s New Foundation continue to strive!