Demi Lovato Uses Her Birthday To Shine A Light on Breonna Taylor


Singer and actress, Demi Lovato, celebrated her birthday in a special way this year. 

On Thursday August 20, Lovato celebrated her 28th year of life. She took the time the thank fans for the love and support on her special day, but used the attention to shine a light on another special young woman.

“I’m so lucky to be here today and to have made it to my 28th birthday. Join me in taking a stand for Breonna Taylor,” Lovato tweeted.

Lovato continued, “Today is my 28th birthday… a birthday that Breonna Taylor will never have the opportunity to experience. Breonna Taylor was wrongfully murdered and her murderers still walk free today. I am pledging to make a difference today and am asking my fans, friends, and family to join me. I am launching a special propeller campaign in Breonna’s honor that includes prewritten letters to the Louisville mayor and chief of police, petition links, and donation links. Join me in doing your part. No matter how big or small you think your impact may be, if we all stand together we can help bring justice for Breonna Taylor.”

Lovato, who almost lost her own life two years ago, sympathized with Breonna Taylor who was wrongfully killed by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) in her home back in March. 

Lovato now uses her life to help others through the strength of her religion. “Things that used to keep me down for weeks or even months, pass like tropical storms because my relationship with God has provided me infinite security.”

The campaign is a call to action to demand #JusticeForBre. Check out the website to sign a petition or make a donation towards the cause.